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If you don’t attend a monastery,

And have no access to a master,

Thereby no koans to test your attainment…


…Try Quora, grasshoppah!


Here are some lovely Quoans:


Are humans and animals the same?

What does it mean to dream about someone asking for help?


What does trivago mean?


My own answers to Quorites are here.

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OWAG Track Light #4—> Sirock (Mexico)

The “Track Light” series serves to briefly introduce a number of individuals involved
with the One World Artist Gallery (OWAG) from their various places around the globe.

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Today, I talk with Mexican street painter Angel Huerta Flores (Sirock).

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John: Hey, Angel! So first, tell us how you took the name “Sirock”.

Angel: Sirock was a nickname first created when I first started making graffiti six years ago. Over the years it’s evolved a bit.
John: Now, apart from your street painting, you’re actually a scientist, aren’t you?
Angel: Yes, I’m also an engineer in Biotechnology. I’m very passionate about science and technology and I like to read scientific articles about current events when I have free time.
John: So, How did your style develop since you began painting six years ago?
Angel: At the beginning I leaned more towards graffiti since I was in an group of friends that did it, but little by little I learned more forms of expression. From that came my interest in caricature and illustration.
John: Do you remember the first wall you painted?
Angel: Yes, it was near my house. I made it in the morning before going to high school… it was just some graffiti using my name Sirock.
John: Where did you get your art training?
Angel: My art techniques are mostly self-taught. Sometimes I attended a workshop where I could learn approaches to to making murals, but for the most part I’ve just learned by doing.
John: And which artists have influenced you the most in your own work?
Angel: There were several artists who inspired me to lean towards caricature. Some of them were local from Guadalajara, while others were national and international artists. They include Smithe from Mexico City, as well as GR170 from Spain, and Bue The Warrior from Belgium.
John: Definitely… I can see alot of similarities between you and them stylistically. I think there’s something in that vintage/retro style from the 1950s that has a playful, joyous vibe to it. Do you think a more playful approach to drawing (such as cartoons and caricature) can sometimes communicate better than more serious approaches?
Angel: Yeah, I think that cartoons will always be a good way of communicating information to the public since they can be understood in an instant by anyone.
John: Recently you painted a wall mural in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, during the time of an election. Is much of your work political in nature?
Angel: No, my work rarely talks about politics. My work is more focused on joy, good times, and culture.
John: And what about sports… How do you feel Mexico did in this World Cup?

Angel: Well, I didn’t expect much from Mexico… we are better at other sports like basketball!